The Narrator interviews the Cartoonist:

 Narrator: Name?

Ackers: Matt Ackermann

Narrator: Measurements?

Ackers: 34A-32… Wait. What?! Are you reading these questions off Playboy playmate data sheet?

Narrator: Maybe. It gives me something to do while you’re giving your boring answers. Besides, what difference is it going to make? No one is going to read this anyway.

Ackers: Fair enough. Carry on.

Narrator: Where are you from?

Ackers: Cape Town, South Africa. The greatest place on earth!

Narrator: Or, at least it would be if you didn’t live there. What do you do for a living?

Ackers: I’m a freelance Cartoonist and Illustrator. But I studied Journalism and have previously worked as a Game Ranger in Namibia and an English teacher in Thailand.

Narrator: Man, do we have to go through your whole life story? Sigh, whatever. What’s this website about then?

Ackers: It’s a way for me to promote and generate feedback for my new comic-strip, Freelance. It’s my goal to put out at least 100 strips and then choose the best ones to take to newspapers and syndicates for publishing.

Narrator: I think there’s enough suffering in the word already. Where else can we see your comics? 

Ackers: I have a weekly political strip on and I also draw cartoons for The Bolander and Ride Magazine.

Narrator: Wow, it’s amazing how neatly that question came up, it’s almost as if you wanted me to ask that.

Ackers: You are just a terrible narrator.

Narrator: Are we done now? Can I get back to what’s really important? Helllooo Ms September.

Ackers: I hate you.

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